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Wenda the Wacky Wiggler!

The outstanding new interactive storybook app from Aslan Studios.

Come along with this extraordinary young girl, who despite the naysayers in her town discovers her own joy, touches our hearts and inspires us all! Kids and adults alike will love the inspiration Wenda shares.

download the app

download the app
In The Works


Christopher Aslan’s “Dude” is now on AMAZON  KINDLE!


Jumble Berry Pie!

New! Jumble Berry Audio-Book is now available! Ignite your child’s imagination and tickle their heart this Holliday Season with the scrumpdillyicious Jumble Berry Pie! Some reviews in : “WOW!  “Adorable Amazing Children’s Book!”

Rocket Boy!Rocket Boy!

The enthusiasm of our company captured in a character! Where will he go? Fly little guy, fly! Wait and see as he develops!

Aslan Studios

Founded by Christopher Aslan – Aslan Studios is a family entertainment company where outstanding creators and world-class illustrators come together to bring original and imaginative stories to life. Aslan Studios is dedicated to producing high-quality interactive storytelling apps, kids digital books, film and T.V. series that enrich and inspire audiences for generations to come.

Christopher Aslan

Christopher Aslan is the creative force behind the studio; writing and producing the stories from idea to launch. His imagination blossoms in the world of storytelling; creating memorable characters, magical moments and timeless tales that speak to both kids and adults alike. He loves creating heartwarming stories that connect, empower, inspire, move, and enrich our lives.